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Lavender X Intermedia (LAVANDIN)

Lavender X Intermedia (LAVANDIN)

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These lavenders are a cross ( Hybrid) between Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia. This is where the name intermedia comes from as in between. They are typically much larger and more robust in growth than L. angustifolia, often reaching over 4ft in height and width. They are wonderful to fill larger spaces in gardens or for creating large flowering hedges. They have broader leaves than L. angustifolia and have much longer flowering stalks making up to 2/3 rds of the plants height. The long stems make them suitable for use in the house as a cut flower.
Lavandula x intermedia varieties are grown in the lavender fields at Norfolk Lavender for oil production. They produce much larger quantities of oil than L. angustifolia sometimes as much as 10 times more. Unfortunately the oil is not of the same quality, it has a stronger camphor tone, and is mainly used in detergents, soaps and cheaper perfumes.


Where the parent plants overlapped mainly in South East France.

Growing Hint

Prune back the flower stalks to the main foliage as soon as the flowers fade , no later than mid September.

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