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Lavender Angustifolia

Lavender Angustifolia

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This species is the most valued of all lavenders both for its’ high quality oil the flowers produce and its beauty as a garden plant. The scent is unbeatable and widely used in perfumes and cosmetics. While its medicinal properties have been long known. It is the hardiest and easiest to grow of all lavender species, it can cope with everything the English weather can throw at it. An excellent ornamental plant for use in rose and herb gardens. Its also outstanding as hedging.

Growing hints

Lavender Angustifolia likes a sunny position with free draining soil, it prefers a neutral to alkaline soil. Prune the bushes as soon as the flowers start to fade and by the middle of August at the latest.


Native to the Pyrenees in Southern France, North Eastern Spain, Northern Italy and Switzerland.

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