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Lavender Stoechas 'THE FRENCH'

Lavender Stoechas 'THE FRENCH'

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These stunning vibrant lavenders have become more and more popular. They are instantly recognisable with ‘ears’ at the top of the flowers. The ‘ears’ are really bracts which is a modified leaf which looks like a petal, the flowers are really under the ears on the rest of the ‘flower head’. They have sweetly scented flowers but usually this is masked by the strong camphor smell from the foliage. If you remove the individual flower heads as they finish flowering they will often flower from early May through to September, often into October. There are masses of these stunning plants which are lovely planted in groups of 3’s and 5’s and mix excellently with other plants.


Naturally occurring around the Mediterranean, with many cultivars being developed by nurseries.

Growing Hints

Dead head the plants regularly after the individual heads finish flowering to ensure repeat flowering.

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