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Lavender X Chaytorae

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This is a cross (hybrid) between L. angustifolia and L. lanata. The cross did not occur in the wild as the natural distribution of the parents did not overlap. The cross was first made in a nursery in the UK in the 1980’s since then further crosses have been made and we now have a few cultivars.

L. x chaytorae makes an excellent and attractive ornamental for the garden, containers and hedging. It retains the hardiness of the L. angustifolia parent yet has the wonderful attractive richly silver grey leaves from the L. lanata parent.

They look particularly effective in a garden when planted in association with other plants of complementary foliage providing interest at times of the year when there are no flowers present.

We find that the silver foliage works very well with gold or burgundy/ purple leaves from plants such as Choisysa ‘Sundance’ with its’ wonderful bright golden leaves and Cotinus ‘Royal Purple’ with the deep purple leaves which as an added bonus turn a brilliant red in the autumn.


Not naturally occurring, found in a nursery in the UK in the 1980’s.

Growing Hint

Prune as the flowers fade no later than the end of August.

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